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Welcome to the Web site. Thanks for dropping in and spending some time.

PeterShevill is “sole trader” company registered in my name. I am the sole employee.

My principle business is as a consultant Systems Engineer.

What is a Systems Engineer ?

Systems Engineering is a very broad area of expertise, that covers the definition , design, implementation, verification, commissioning ,support and decommissioning of complex systems.

We find employment is many fields, but tend to focus of large scale projects. Defence System, Air Traffic Controller System, Rail Systems and Traffic Management Systems typically employ System Engineers to manage the scope and technical design of major projects, but we are also responsible for risk, environment, safety, cost and schedule.

If we are any good, we build the right thing, to a budget and deliver it on time. Typically we have a lot of overlap with project managers, but tend to lack their contractual management skills.

We are with confused with “System Engineers” who are typically some form of IT system infrastructure managers.

iPhone/iPad Applications

Once upon a time I was Software Engineer. A “gun” 1000 line a day Ada programmer of yesteryear.

Unfortunately from my wife’s perspective Software Engineering is a bit addictive for some of us, so in the spare time, (which at times is a lot of the time), I have started developing iPhone/iPad applications. See my applications page.

Why did I build this site ?

In the days of Facebook, it seems rather odd to build a Website devoted to myself, but to support my iPhone/iPad applications I was obliged to host a support web site for each applications. So I have procured a domain name and a web hosting site with an “unlimited” number of sub domains, so why not !

Feel free to browse around my site. If you have comments or questions please drop me a line at

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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