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Mr Peter Wotton Shevill


In a Nutshell

§  Hard working, intelligent and motivated Systems/Software Engineer with 25 years of experience within a diverse range of projects. Defence and Aviation projects primarily.

§  Experience with Software verification, integration, assurance, design, debugging and programming in several languages (python, c, ada etc); Several years experience as a software architect

§  Strong ability to join a preexisting team and quickly understand differing technologies, concepts and processes.

§  Seeking new challenges.

Personal Information

Marital status:




Date of Birth:

27-July 1961

Place of Birth: Townsville, Qld, Australia

Summary of qualifications


Geelong, VIC, Australia

1995 – 1997

1998 - 2002

Grad. Dip of Management, (Technology Management)


University of Queensland

Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

1979 – 1982


B. Eng., Electrical

M. Eng. Sc. (Qualifying) (6 months Post Graduate Work)


The KingsSchool,

Parramatta, NSW


Higher School Certificate.


Membership of Professional Organisation

Member of Institution of Engineers, Australia

Member of Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia.

Professional experience, summary

    Jun 2011-

    Terran I Ltd, Brisbane, Australia

    • Consultant System Engineer, parttime for previous subcontactor.

    1997- 2011

    Boeing Australia Ltd, Brisbane,Australia

    • Senior Engineer, Software and System,
    • Vigilare Project + SDAIT Group
    • Vigilare Project – Software Architect
    • HFMP- Software Architect & Acting Technical manager
    • CSC Team – Interfaces Engineer.

    1994- 1997

    Airservices Australia, Canberra, Australia

    • Assistant Project Manager and Technical Specialist, SPOB,
    • Eurocat Segment of TAAATS Project.

    1993- 1994

    Siemens Plessey Electronic System Pty. Ltd., Sydney , NSW, Australia

    • Project Engineer and Senior Software Engineer,
    • AirTraffic Management Systems.

    1988- 1993

    Siemens Plessey System. Ltd., Chessington, Uk

    • Software Engineer, Team Leader and Senior System Analyst,
    • AirTraffic Management Systems.

    1984- 1988

    Civil Aviation Authority,

    • Canberra, Australia
    • Radar Engineer, Comms and Navaids Engineer


    Queensland Railways, Brisbane, Australia

    • Railway Signal Engineer


Software experience


Ada/Ada95 - 7 Years, RTL/2 - 4 Years, C/FORTRAN - 4 Years

Python, Objective-C,C++ ,Java, PLM, PASCAL , Assemblers 808*, 80*86, 6800* - Occasional use

Operating Systems:

Windows,VMS, UNIX, DOS, IRMXii

Professional experience, detailed


Jun 2011-

Terran I Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia

     Consultant Senior System Engineer.


Worked as Consultant Senior System Engineer working for a client who was a previous subcontractor to Boeing, Darronmont Pty Ltd, based at their Adelaide Office. Work on Voice Communications and TADIL enhancement proposals for an existing deployed system. This is a part time role.


2009 - 2011

Boeing Australia Ltd, Brisbane, Australia

    Senior System Engineer,CSC Team, Vigilare Project                                     


The COA determined that they needed an agile team within the Boeing Staff on the Vigilare Project, to adapt the Viglare System to their swiftly changing needs.


Work within the CSC Team is Task based with each individual engineer running tasks as mini-projects, each CSC Task in unique and has differing needs and approaches. Each task is planned and budgeted as a mini-project, plans reviewed and approved, and runs though the entire System Engineering life-cycle in a microcosym. Each of my completed tasks, completed on time and on budget, and deployed in the accepted system. This required very tight coordination of Ingration and Verfication activites with the main project team.

Completed CSC Tasks:

Python MFC Front End, Flight Plans, AMSTAR Radar, System Tracks for NorthROC,

NoiseMonitoring, CATC System Track, VII, and  Flight Plan HMI improvements.


    2004 - 2009

    Senior System Engineer, Vigilare Project                        

    Software Architect, Vigilage Project,s.


The Vigilare Project was rejuvenated in 2004 and I rejoined the team as Software Architect.


Overseeing Software Architecture aspects of the System Design

SAIT DE with delegation for System Design/Review, Subsystem Review and approval, and responsible Engineer for INFO Subsystem

At times HMWWG Team Lead, Security Working Group team Lead, Safety Working Group team Lead.

Post System PDR Joined the INFO IPT (INFO being the major subsystem within Vigilare) as Senior System Engineer to bolster INFO Analysis and Development team within the IPT, responsible for analysis of dynamic behavior within the Subsystem. The INFO IPT at the time  was the cirtical path of the project, and I was able to significant inprove both its SPI and CPI, mostly by driving tasks to completion.


    2002 - 2004

    Software Architect, HFMP Project,


The Vigilare Project suffered an interruption at this point was placed on hold for 2 years. Was deployed to the HFMP project, and replaced the Software Architect who was just finishing up on the project.


This role involved the oversight of the Software Design developed by Software Architects in each of the two HFMP Fixed Network Software Subsystems, TPSS and SMSS

Also responsible for Requirements management at System and a Subsystem levels.

Had standing delegation from Technical Manager for the all matters relating to TPSS and SMSS.

Acted as Technical Manager whilst the Technical Manager was on long service leave.


    2001 - 2002

    Senior Software Engineer & Software Architect, Vigilage Project,


Returned to Vigilare Project as a Senior Software Engineer and was appointed Software Architect for the project.


Lead the System Functional Analysis sub team with the Vigilare Development Team, the major task being the definition of the Vigilare Subsystems and thread analysis of system functionality to ensure that the Subsystems had high internal cohesion and low coupling with other subsystems.

Develop revised Software Estimates for the Project, this lead me to the creation of an estimating method and spreadsheet tool that later was developed in PR-BAL-0411


    1999 - 2000

    Software Team Lead Engineer, SDAIT Group,

    Submarine Communications Upgrade Project, Phase 1.


The Vigilare Project seconded me to the SADIT group, to lead a small software team within the SADIT Group, updating a software product previously developed at Boeing’s Lilydale Plant, in Victoria. This was Object PASCAL code and the challenge was mainly in setting up software processes which meshed with the heritage SDE.


This role evolved into 2IC for the System/Software Engineering group working on the Submarine Communications Upgrade, CAM responsibility for about 2 of 5 Work Packages involved, Scheduling and Planning software/system/procurement/integration/test activities for sub-projects (CAP5308, CAP5011 and CAP4922).

As part of this managed small team developing test tools in C++ running on NT platform using Rational Rose for software design.

    1997 – 1999, 2000-2001

    Senior Engineer, Software and System,

    Vigilare Project.


Boeing Australia had tendered for the Vigilare program and sent a team of software engineers to Seattle for 6 months to work of the proposed system software. Due primarily to the delay in contractor selection on project, the assignment was ultimately extended to 21 months.

I then returned to Australia and worked on the project in Brisbane as a Senior System Engineer.

Responsibilities whilst on Assignment:

- Monthly Status Reporting on Assignment to Boeing Australia.

- Management and tasking of Boeing Australia software team (team of six).

-         Worked as Software Engineer in OSA group, transition through several roles and ultimately was a member of the executive services group. I was also the GCI IPT team leader within the OSA group; however export restrictions and security restrictions forced the curtailment of this role.

-         Ada95 Development, UNIX platform, mixture of OSA Infrastructure and Application Development, X-Windows/Motif and limited exposure to CORBA & C++.

Responsibilities upon return to Australia:

- Co-authored rewrite of Vigilare Project SEMP.

- Rewrote Vigilare Project SEMS, SEDS.

- Rewrote Vigilare Project SDP.

  Developed HMI Working Group Plans

 -Virtual Collocation Management



1995 - 1997

Airservices Australia,                                      

Canberra, Australia

    Assistant Project Manager and Technical Specialist,

    Eurocat Segment of TAAATS Project.


The TAAATS project provides a complete Air Traffic Management System for the Australian Airspace (1/9 of the surface area of the Earth) from 2 MainCenters and 4 Terminal Control Units.

The Project includes Buildings, Packet Switch Network, AFTN Switch, Voice Switch and ATM display system.

The Eurocat segment of TAAATS is responsible for the Air Traffic Management Display System which includes integrated Radar Data Processing (RDP), Flight Data Processing (FDP), ADS/CPDLC (Aeronautical Data link applications) and Airways Information Processing functionality and Airsituation displays (RDP, ADS and FDP derived aircraft positions integrated into one display). Essentially a major software development project (6 MSLOC, 90% Ada and 10% C, X_Windows) on a distributed Open Architecture platform on Dec Processors, running DEC/UNIX.


- Management of the Eurocat Segment of project from a Customer perspective,

- Management of phased, Multi-site Software testing, essentially Planning, Resource Management and Participation

- Specification review and interruption, technical liaison and negotiation of specification amendments,

- Customer Technical Lead at Software Design Reviews,

- Validation and auditing of Software Development Methodology, and

 - Review and approval of Software Test Procedures,

1993- 1994

Siemens Plessey Electronic System Pty. Ltd. Australia,

Sydney , NSW, Australia

    Project Engineer, Senior Systems Engineer and Senior Software Engineer,

    AirTraffic Management Systems.


Senior System and Software Engineer

- Engineering Support for Marketing demonstrators, ATM Displays, (ADA and Motif).

- System Engineering and RFT response preparation, ADATS Project

(Air Traffic Management (ATM) system for Australian Air Force).

- System Engineering, Senior Software Engineer and RFT Response preparation, PARM Project

(Parallel Approach Radar Monitor for Sydney)

Project Engineer, System designer and Senior Software Engineer,

-Jaralama, Radar Display System

(100 KSLOC of ADA, X-Windows/Motif, DEC Alpha/Unix platforms, Shlaer-Mellor OOA, 4 month program, still in use at Darwin and Pearce).


1988- 1993

Siemens Plessey System. Ltd.,

Chessington, Uk

    Software Engineer and Senior System Analyst,

    AirTraffic Management Systems.


    Software manager and Senior Software Designer  (2 years)

- “Open Systems Architecture”  System Software for ATM System Product, Controller 2000 Product.

100% ADA Development, Motif , X-Windows, OSI Comms stack, Distributed Platform, Shlaer-Mellor OOA.

- System / Software Design FATMI Project.


    Team Leader - Foundation Software  (2 years)

(System Management, Comms, DBMS , Interfaces)

- “Node” ATC Systems for Heathrow/Gatwick (CCF), Gaborone, Glasgow and Manchester.

Intel RMXII Operating System, RTL-2 Language, 486,386,286,186 processors, Distributed Topology (100(+) Display Processor & 30 Main Quad-Processors), Propriety LAN Architecture 

- Foundation Software Support various Air-defense Projects,

    Programmer (1 year)

- RTL-2 Programming, Air-defense and EW systems.


1984- 1988

Australian CAA,

Canberra, Australia

    Radar Engineer

    Comms Engineer

    Naviads Engineer


    Radar Engineer        (2 years)

Implementation of Radar Coverage Diagram Generation System, Fortran.

Software Projects imbedded Microprocessor (8085/Z80/6800/68000/Bit Slce) components of Radar Processing chain.

Software related projects, re-analysis of recorded Radar Data for Safety Incident Investigation, Site Alignment and Flight Testing (FORTRAN,C,PASCAL)

Surface Movement Radar project, Software Mods, Interfacing to Met. Equip.

Brisbane TAR Monopulse Radar - Commissioning, Software maintenance and Modification.

Mods to Radar Extractor Hardware

System Manager, Airways System Branch Computer Facilities.


    Comms Engineer    (1 year)

Microwave Link Design

HF Station redesign.

VHF Coverage Diagram software.

    Navaids Engineer    (1 year)

Site Selection - NDBs and VORs

ILS Monitoring Software

Groundwave Propagation Coverage Prediction Software.


June-Dec 1983

Queensland Railways,

Brisbane, Australia

    Railway Signal Engineer


Review of Railway Signalling Circuits

Oversite of Onsite Signalling work, Roackhamton-Gladstone Line Duplication.




    Ian Vett, Vigilare Technical Manager, Boeing, Brisbane,Australia

    Phone: 61-7-3306 3708 Email:


    Simon McMullen, CSC Team Lead, Boeing, Brisbane, Australia.

    Phone: 61-7-3306-6282 Email:



Signed:                                                          Date:

                        Peter W Shevill

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